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Presented a paper on Outcome of USG Guided ESWL for kidney stones larger than 2 cms at the Emirates International Urological Conference held in Dubai. October 2022


Urological Society of India

Dr Rajeev Bashetty was invited as a Guest faculty in the 55th Annual National Conference to speak on the topic " IS ESWL ON ITS WAY OUT - NO ".

ESWL is not being offered as a treatment modality in most hospitals primarily due its its presumed poor outcomes. But in reality, if done properly by experienced hands, the results are on par with surgical procedures.


His presentation convinced many that no ESWL certainly is  not on its way out and is going to stay as the non invasive treatment modality for the benefit of the people. 



Screenshot 2022-02-17 at 6.30.01 AM.png


International Alliance of Urolithiasis webinar on SWL : Current Status & Future Prospectives, was held on 27th May , 5.30 pm IST.


Dr Rajeev Bashetty  shared his experience about USG guided ESWL for the Upper Tract and The Lower Ureteric Stones.


About 2500 Urologist across the globe attended the Webinar.



November 1,2019

World Congress of Endourology 2019 Abu Dhabi

Vesico Ureteric Junction (VUJ) is the most narrowest portion of the Ureter and majority of the stones get stuck in this location.


Most of the centers recommend an endoscopic surgery. A very few centres across the globe offer ESWL as the treatment option for Lower ureteric and VUJ Stones. 

We shared our experience in treating VUJ stones by ESWL and our paper was well appreciated.


World ESWL Day

On the occasion of world ESWL day, people awareness article was published in Times of India on Feb 7, 2022 

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