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The body uses food for energy and tissue repair. After the body uses what it needs, waste products in the bloodstream are carried to the kidneys and excreted as urine.  Kidney stones can form when substances in the urine such as calcium, oxalate, and phosphorus become highly concentrated. Diet and  daily fluid intake are important factors that can promote or inhibit kidney stone formation. Other factors that affect kidney stone formation include Genetics, Environment & Body Weight. Below mentioned are a few simple dietary modifications and other recommendations  which will help to reduce the stone recurrences.

  1. A person should consume one  glass (250-300 ml) of RO water per hour when awake. This is the most important and the simplest measure that one can do to prevent a stone recurrence. This one single measure can eliminate your chances of stone recurrence by 50%. 

  2. Non vegetarians  should cut down their animal protein intake by 75 % of their  current consumption. People who consume red meat and organ meat are at a higher risk of stone formation. Normal recommended protein intake of 1-2 mg/kg body weight should be consumed. 

  3. Reduce dietary salt and sugar intake  by 50%. Junk and stored food contain sodium and should be restricted. 

  4. One glass of any fresh citrus fruit  juice (not Stored) like lemon, orange, amla should be consumed per day. 

  5. Reduce excess consumption of coffee and tea. A cup in the morning and evening should be acceptable. 

  6. Excess Alcohol consumption causes stone formation. There is a myth among many that beer helps in stone prevention. But in fact is it promotes stone formation in long run because of its high oxalate content. It may help to flush a small stone due to its diuretic effect, however it’s not recommended for this purpose due to its other ill effects. 

  7. Don’t stop eating calcium containing food thinking that they promote stone formation, but on the contrary calcium devoid diet can result in stone formation. 

  8. Physical activities like skipping and spot jumping has a very good effect in removing small stones when they form in the kidney. It is recommended to do these activities for 5-10 minute daily. These activities should be performed with caution in people who have  spine and join issues. 

  9. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, cauliflower should not be consumed on daily basis. Once or twice a week should be totally acceptable. 

  10. I have seen many patients virtually stop eating few things (like tomatoes) thinking that they are the main reason responsible for stone formation. I don’t recommend to completely stop any diet, I only suggest them to reduce its consumption if it’s being consumed in excess. (Eg - Don’t eat raw tomatoes with every meal but if it’s been added  to some dal or vegetable preperation, it’s totally acceptable.)


No matter how strictly one follows the recommendations mentioned above, a small percentage of patients still continue to form stones due to unknown reasons. Hence it’s recommended to get  an ultrasound scan of the KUB region once in every 6 months to a year. Ultrasound scan is the only modality to detect early stone recurrences where patients will not experience  any  symptoms. Early detection will help to treat them medically so that an intervention can be avoided when they grow in size. 

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